Crowded streets of Marrakesh, elegant Parisian bistros and hipster alleys of Berlin – get to know what the world tastes and smells like … without leaving Warsaw.

We invite all food truck lovers to a unique festival that will take place during the largest caravanning fair in Central Europe. Ptak Warsaw Expo, the organizer of both events, creates at the same time and place a space for fun and business for enthusiasts of houses and kitchens on wheels. We know ourselves that the best way to relax and chat is over your favorite dishes and drinks. So we guarantee a culinary journey through all continents of the world, from which you will come back richer with emotions, acquaintances and knowledge. And also … much more, but it will depend on your openness and creativity. And this one is unlimited!

As a visitor to the show, you get:

  • discover the surprising faces of street food from all over the world;
  • an opportunity to try unfamiliar, exotic food and drink;
  • discovering a new face of traditional tastes;
  • contacts with interesting companies, chefs and visionaries of good food.

A combination of the Food Truck Festival and the Camper & amp; The Caravan Show also gives us the opportunity to inspire each other with what’s best in a kitchen on wheels: creativity in creating dishes that are simple, and at the same time enrich us with energy to further explore ourselves and the world. Be with us at the beginning of October, only at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

More details: