The company was founded in 2016, initially only as a motorhome rental company. The goal of its founders was to create a motorhome rental company that they would like to use themselves. They wanted to provide services at the highest level and offer advice and experience, especially to those who met this form of recreation for the first time. The idea was for the rental customers to return from trips satisfied, and if it was their first such trip in their life, that they would want to travel with motorhomes more often and more.

For three years, the company has been developing its motorhome rental offer based on the Partners’ vehicles, i.e. people who have their own motorhomes, mainly for private use, and want to rent them when they do not use them themselves. Thanks to this cooperation, it was possible to expand the offer not only with new, different vehicle models, but also a kind of territorial expansion. motorhomes can currently be rented in several places in Poland, not only in Warsaw.

It also quickly turned out that the caravanning industry in Poland has a lot of potential related to its continuous development. However, entrepreneurs are not always able to use it well and are not always able to address their offer properly.

Today, is primarily a company that provides a wide portfolio of marketing services. Building a brand image, content creation, social media, product photography, including campervan photography, website development, cooperation with foreign industry media are just some of the wide range of services that the company offers.

The website is one of the best Polish-language sources of information about caravanning and traveling by camper vans. There you will find dozens of articles addressed to both beginner enthusiasts of this form of travel, as well as advanced people looking for specific and proven information. All published content has a very substantive approach. The time devoted to exploring individual topics, checking many sources and in-depth analyzes are reflected in the quality of the published articles, written in a friendly language. We will not find there, typical of many other publications, publications written on request or sponsored articles. What’s worth noting, there are no ads on the site either.

From the very beginning of the operation of, professionalism and high quality in every aspect of business are the basis of its operation. The quality of customer service, the quality of the products and services offered, professional and often even pedantic approach to the tasks performed and high expectations towards oneself have been noticed and appreciated by many customers. Currently, the company cooperates with brands such as Adria Polska, Globe-Traveler, Grupa Elcamp or the Warsaw Caravanning Center “Szerokiej Drogi”, as well as with several companies from outside the industry.

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